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Overview of the important points

Overview of the important points

At a glanceAt a glanceAt a glance

At a glance

The basics

  • All prices are per person and day.
  • The price includes: Full board (if necessary including vegetarian meals, special diets or packed lunches for hikers), guest events in the spa building, free entry to the modern Wellness Centre in the neighbouring Hotel Alexander Gerbi, weekly breaching therapy, callisthenics, autogenous training, musical entertainment (once or twice per week), free use of the sunbeds on our lovely terrace and in our park. Unconsumed meals or 1/2 portions are not reimbursed or transferable to guests.
  • Care services are billed to spa and hotel guests.
  • By law, the price without VAT is always applied for a spa treatment. This requires a doctor's spa prescription.
  • We are obliged to apply VAT for holiday stays or stays by carers.


Additional services subject to charge

  • In-house physiotherapy treatment
  • Drugs
  • Medical treatment at insurance fund rates
  • Telephone calls, drinks, spa taxes, excursions
  • In-house pedicure, reflexology and manicure (subject to prior booking)


Advance payment/Means of payment

  • Advance payment must be made at the latest on the date of arrival.
  • We accept cash, Postcard and EC Direct, as well as credit cards in exceptional cases.



For reserved rooms that are not duly occupied, we will bill for three days in the following cases (HKS):

  • short-term cancellation of the reservation for non-medical reasons (less than 14 days before arrival).
  • failure to appear without written cancellation
  • early interruption of the stay


Arrival and departure:

  • the arrival and departure days count as one day.
  • Arrival between 11 am and 3 pm
  • Departure by 10 am



Visitors are very welcome at meals subject to prior registration We are happy to accept reservations.


Those little comforts

  • Personal laundry can be washed and ironed for a fee.
  • Valuables such as cash or jewellery can be kept in our safe free of charge.
  • We are happy to book hairdresser appointments for you. Transport journeys are free of charge twice each week.
  • We provide our guests with information about hikes, sightseeing, cultural events etc. We are also happy to send you the relevant prospectuses.


Our doctor

Dr. med. Martin Isler



Physical therapy, daily in-house


Physical requirements for guests

  • Our guests must be independently mobile in their rooms.
  • Their sense of orientation must be sufficient for them to find their own rooms.
  • They must be able to feed themselves without assistance.
  • Guests must be able to operate a telephone without assistance in order to make emergency calls.
  • Wheelchair users must be able to operate their chairs without assistance and be independently mobile.
    (If these conditions cannot be met, we ask that a carer accompany the guest.)


We reserve the right to modify these conditions!

All terms relate to both genders.