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Dedicated to hospitality

Dedicated to hospitality

Dedicated to hospitalityDedicated to hospitalityDedicated to hospitalityDedicated to hospitality

Dedicated to hospitality

We at Seeblick are proud of our long heritage. What began as a rustic holiday spot on a farm over 100 years ago has grown into a spa offering a broad array of services. Yet the warm hospitality remains the same as ever.

We are often asked why our guests are so relaxed. The reason is the cosy atmosphere despite the spaciousness of the facilities.


Those needing a rest can retire off to themselves, while those seeking contact with others have many opportunities to do so. The guests get to know our staff and vice versa after just a short period of time. And the director is personally on hand to address any needs, further guaranteeing quality.


Thus it has always been at the Seeblick, even back when we were just starting out some 100 years ago. We want our guests to feel they are truly welcome here,

and this is essential to have a successful health stay or holiday.


Thus many guests who came here as strangers come back as friends. Dedicated to hospitality.