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Your guide to the best quality!

Your guide to the best quality!

A guide to the best quality!

A guide to the best quality!


We are delighted to have you as a guest. We are committed to high quality in Swiss tourism – from which you really benefit.



The Q – your guide to the best quality!

The quality label is a reliable orientation guide for you. Companies that bear this label commit to quality. As a guest, you have the guarantee that service quality is the constant focus in this company. Whether on entrance doors, bus windows, on the Internet, on ski instructors' coats, in the cable car or in brochures: The Q shows you the way!

The most important benefits of the quality programme for you:


  • The Q supports you in making decisions from the wide range of services offered.
  • You can trust the service.
  • Q companies are committed to your satisfaction.
  • Your opinion is taken seriously.
  • Thanks to your feedback, the service is constantly improved.



Three levels, one goal: the guests’ satisfaction!

Level I focuses on the service quality and raises staff members' awareness of quality. The companies concentrate on their guests' wishes and commit themselves to ensuring and improving the quality of their services every year with an action plan. They are checked on a random basis. If they achieve QI, level II can be implemented. The emphasis is on management quality. Information is gathered on how the staff members and management members rate the company, how the guests assess the services and where the processes can be optimised. This is followed by a discreet check by a mystery person.